Artists Programs

So why should you become a part of the Art Pardna Artist team?  Well, you will:

  • Benefit from the media coverage AP exhibitions generate.
  • Once you exhibit you will feature in the AP catalogue.
  • Receive up to 5 private view tickets.
  • Have a chance to sell your work to buyers and collectors.
  • Have your work seen by thousands of visitors.
  • Workshop and teaching opportunities.

Artists Plans

  1. £25.00 for 12 months=£300 (8 months before you can exhibit)
  2. £50.00 for 6 month=£300 (4 months before you can exhibit)
  3. £100.00 for 3 month=£300 (2 months before you can exhibit)
  4. £300.00 for next available exhibition.

Artist requirements

Please send four examples of your work (jpg) detailing sizes and weight (no prints please).

Before exhibitions small paintings and works must be framed, larger canvases must be in excellent condition ready to exhibit.

Membership (annual membership fee £100.00).

  1. Early exhibitions.
  2. Free entry to ticketed events and private views.
  3. 10% off AP merchandise.
  4. First referral’s (if an Artist agrees to an exhibition date but doesn’t turn up or is late with their submission then members are contacted to fill missing slots).
  5. Feature on our home page of our website (interviews and media coverage).